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Extensive Guide On How To Create 3D Text In Different Software

As part of the visual language, all motion designers utilize text. 3D text creation gives a variety of choices to assist you to make your appearance exactly what you want. In this tutorial, we will talk about everything about creating 3D text. We will discuss the steps of how to create 3D text in Photoshop and various other editing software.

How To Create 3D Text With Photoshop

The first part of this article is how to create 3D text in Photoshop CS6, which means that you need to work almost at the same time with three separate panels. You arrange and build the 3D texts on the layers panel.

You access 3D controls in the 3D Panel while the Properties Panel lists several materials to enhance realism, distorting them and applying them. It is rather easy to work in a three-dimension space, but you must be very careful. The steps of how to create a 3D text in Photoshop CS3 are given as follows:

  • Create A Background

The very first step to Photoshop 3D text is to create a background. Change the space of work first. Go on > Workspace > Window > 3D. Creating a fresh blank (cmd/ctrl+N) canvas. Set the width to 1500 px, height to 620 pixels, 300ppi resolution, then click OK, name 3D Text. Go to File > Place ‘pix 117004 background.jpg’ embedded, change the size, and click Return/Enter.

  • Download New Font

Download the South Afirkas 2100 fonts from Unzip the file on your PC and install it. Take the tool of type (T). Select Southern African fonts, Size: 70pt, then type SAFARI into the options to create 3D text photoshop.

  • Add Texture

Place ‘pix 2068284 texture1.jpg’ in the Embedded Place. Clip the layers above the text, press cmd/ctrl+opt/alt+G. Click the Safari layer and hold Shift. Press cmd/ctrl+E to combine with both levels enabled. Rename the Safari texture layer. Adding texture is the answer to how to create high quality metal 3D text in Photoshop.

  • Create 3D Layer

Go to 3D > Selected Layer’s New 3D Extrusion. Choose Texture Mapping: Scale and set the Extrusion Depth to 10mm in the Properties box, click Mesh. Click on the inflation material for the front of Safari Texture in the 3D panel, set Roughness to 80% and Bump to 100%.

  • Add More Textures

Click on Safari Texture Extrusion Material in the 3D layer panel. You may select Replace Texture, find ‘pix 2068284 texture2.jpg’, and Open in the Properties panel. Now click Diffuse. Adjust the ruggedness to 80% and 100% to Bump.*/*/*/

i m professional blogger

i m professional blogger