How To Design Amazing Flag Banners For Your Next Event

Tips For Designing Successful Event Flag Banners

When you want to design flag banners that attract attention at your next event, then we’ve got some great tips to help you. Read on for a few tips to make marketing with flags and banners easier than ever!

Keep in Mind the Focus of The Event

When advertising at a business event, many companies will fail to consider the theme of the overall event. As a result, their advertising materials, including flag banners, look entirely different from what the event is all about. Those who’re interested in the event will most likely value brands that look connected to it. Therefore, we recommend sticking to the feel of the atmosphere and the tone of the event when designing your flag banner. It will better explain to people how your brand relates to the event.

Choose the Right Type of Flag Banners

The best sign companies will offer you several different types of highly customizable flag banners. Lush Banners, for instance, provides the following types of flag banners:

Custom Feather Flag Banners

This is the most popular flag banner option offered by Lush Banners. Also known as flutter flags or swooper flags, feather flags perform best in most indoor and outdoor settings. They feature industry-leading aviation-grade fiberglass poles with a lifetime warranty and can be single- or double-sided. To showcase your unique designs, you can choose sizes between 6.5 ft and 17 ft.

Pre-designed Feather Flags

If you’re short of time, the pre-designed feather flags are perfect for you. Some of the most common themes for these include ‘Now Open,’ ‘Open House,’ ‘Now Hiring,’ ‘Welcome,’ ‘Now Leasing,’ and more. The banner flags are 10 ft in height and come with a complete kit of poles, a free rotating spike base, a printed flag, and a free nylon bag.



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